Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tag: policy

U of T and student unions consult students on sexual violence

This past Thursday, the University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Graduate Students Union, the UTMSU, the UTSU, the SCSU, and APUS held a...

UTMSU ‘course retake policy’ a reality

Last week, the University of Toronto Mississauga Academic Affairs Committee passed a motion to make changes to the existing Repeating Passed Courses policy that...

Smoking to be banned

The University of Toronto has a proposed smoking ban that will be implemented starting January 1, 2019. The ban will apply to the smoking of...

UTM updates policies

With the use of cannabis now legal in Canada, Universities and Colleges have begun to finalize their policies for cannabis use on campus. Following the...

Cannabis on Campus

The University of Toronto Mississauga has released information about the upcoming legalization of cannabis this week. According to current university regulations, UTM students will be...

Controlling obesity through policy

Researchers suggest implementing policies to promote healthy lifestyles.

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