Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tag: photojournalism

Aversion is no reason to censor

Headline: Ohio police post graphic photo of overdosed parents in SUV with four-year-old child in backseat This story first broke out on September 9. For...

Photojournalism: more than just a shot

The anniversary of 9/11 brings moments of homage, memory, and prayer across the world. With any tragic event in history also comes controversy, and I’m...

Prophesying our future

More than 40 students took part in last week’s panel talk hosted by The Medium discussing the past, present, and future of journalism. Moderated last...

Writing & Photo Contest 2016 Runner-up — Photojournalism

Judges' Comment The variation of colour and the use of black and white really made the photos in this series stand out. The photos are...

Writing & Photo Contest 2016 Winner — Photojournalism

Judges’ Comment These photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and evoke a feeling of curiosity. The viewer is drawn into this world;...

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