Friday, July 19, 2024

Tag: Oppression

Meet Alexis Whelan: actress in Level 16

A second-year environmental sciences student at UTM, Alexis Whelan makes her debut in the feature film Level 16, a movie that questions femininity and...

No release: Ensnared by prejudice

For young second- and third-generation Latina women living in segregated Mexican neighbourhoods in southern California, the cycle of incarceration and disruptions in education seems...

Queer Orientation talks equity

The University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union hosted its Queer Orientation last week featuring a guest talk from activist Kim Katrin Milan, who is...

A week of eXpression on campus

The UTM Students’ Union held this semester’s eXpression Against Oppression Week last Monday.

Speaking out against oppression (the other side)

Re: last weeks Letter to the Editor, Speaking out against oppression. Dear Editor, SPEAKout is a spoken word competition that was held in collaboration with the...

Xpression Against Oppression: Dr.Norman Finkelstein Speaks

Dr.Norman Finkelstein addressed over 500 people who came to hear him speak about solutions to the crisis between hamas and Israel. Dr.Finkelstein has been banned from Israel for ten years because of his views.

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