Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Meet Alan Lovette: a lifelong learner

If you’ve ever dropped by the library, then chances are you’ve met Alan Lovette. While the name may not be familiar, Lovette is an...

Mississauga milestone makes its mark

The Mississauga Central Library dates back to 1956, when residents of Toronto voted to establish a public library. The first location was opened on...

UTM’s hidden treasure

In a rarely visited corner of the library on its highest floor, you’ll find a space dedicated to all materials related to UTM’s staff,...

Library food drive exceeds previous record

The UTM library’s Food for Fines reached a new record this year by collecting 1,244 items, which were forwarded to the UTMSU Food Bank. The...

Campus Police on theft

More thefts occur at the library than at any other location at UTM.

Where are all the books?

A library near you is destroying rather than giving away its old books. Here’s a look at why.

Library extends hours for exams

The UTM library will be open 24 hours a day five days a week after March 25.

Library renovates for expanded study space

Level 1 will undergo changes to accommodate more students.

Living in the library

Plenty of students brag about staying at UTM well into the wee hours of the night studying, but how many can say that they’ve...

How to study hard and party harder

Now that summer is over and the school year has begun, it’s time to stop partying and start studying. Right? Well, not completely. Although...

Quiet down—students working

The UTM library can be a great place to hunker down for a couple of hours and get work done. Unfortunately, finding the required...

Students camp in for literacy fundraiser

Many students at UTM can boast of—or confess to—having spent all night at the Library. But not many can say theyve done it for...

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