Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Seeing Scrabble through a linguistic lens

“Ok,” “twerk,” “sriracha,” and “emoji.” These seemingly random words are four of the 300 new words recently added to The Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary....

Luke’s Languages #5: Connote and Denote

So what do words mean and how is it we all tacitly agree? You say, “Go look in a dictionary, stupid.” But I mean—ah,...

Luke’s Languages #4

Hello again, everyone! We’re halfway through the series now, and I’m going to take this opportunity to apologize that each subject must be treated so broadly; each one could easily have an entire series of its own.

Luke’s Languages #3

So, last week I promised you we’d try some do-it-yourself experiments with phonetics (the sounds of language). And I have good news: We will!

Luke’s Languages; Part 2

What’s a dialect? “Talking with an accent.” What’s an accent? “When people talk funny.” What’s talking funny? “When they don’t sound, you know, normal!” So what’s normal? Actually, not so easy to answer.

Language department brings its communities together

The Department of Language Studies held the Annual Awards Reception and Music Gala on Friday, September 30 in the CCIT building.

Luke’s Languages

“Prescriptive and descriptive? Sounds like you’re trying to teach me something!” (Well, just briefly, okay? Go make some popcorn if it’s that bad.) Basically, whenever people...

Language is everything

As a linguistics student, a new member of LSAS, an editor, and a wannabe writer, I’ve come to appreciate just how pervasive, how everywhere...

Homophobia hurts

The use of casually homophobic language, while the intent is often not to be homophobic is offensive and does have the potential to really hurt people.

So you’re taking a language course

Language is a harsh mistress. She totes a bullwhip, handcuffs, and a gimp mask, and has no safety word. We spend all our infant...

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