Saturday, February 24, 2024

Tag: India

Cricket World Cup returns to campus

On February 13, the UTM Cricket Club hosted its most anticipated event of the year, the UTM Cricket World Cup. The event was held...

Shattering the silence on an Indian tragedy

Last Wednesday, Ashok Vajpeyi, an award-winning Indian author, spoke about what motivated him and other writers to return their awards as a form of...

U of T opens the India Innovation Institute

Last Wednesday the University of Toronto announced the opening of the India Innovation Institute, a think tank studying “frugal innovation”.

U of T establishes Indian Chair

Last week, officials and staff members at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the St. George campus worked out a deal to create...

HSC’s Antakshari

On March 13, members of the UTM Hindu Student Council were busy throughout the day decorating the Student Centre Presentation Room for the annual...

Pakistan: collateral damage

The current international terrorism calamity is leading its way into global attention once again. In the past, Afghanistan has been habitually accused for much...

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