Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Why I don’t call myself a feminist

As many of us know, International Women’s Day was celebrated last Tuesday. At UTM, part of the celebrations involved a weeklong awareness campaign by...

Building Bridges to awareness on campus

Last week, the UTM MSA held Islam Awareness Week, featuring informative booths, motivational events, and the opportunity to try on a hijab. Throughout the week,...

We are all “jihadists”

Last week, I talked about building character and used the international response to the Paris attacks as an example of us looking out for...

Discussing the rise of Islamophobia

After the recent terror attacks on Paris, the world was left reeling, aggrieved, and confused. In their distress and confusion as to why events...

How to be a good citizen

One of the things that bothers me about our education system is that while it promotes a great deal of learning, it doesn’t do...

Lend a helping hijab

The Muslim Student Association took part in Global Pink Hijab Day to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research last Wednesday.

Debating dejabbing

Shaila Kibria has accomplished many things since leaving UTM: running for the New Democratic Party, publishing a children’s book, and writing for CBC Radio—but she most recently made headlines over her choice to stop wearing her hijab.

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