Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Tag: Hart House

Liquor is quicker, but wine is fine

It's Thursday evening and I'm in the cramped Music Room of Hart House where I had come to write about a pinot noir tasting...

Hart House wraps up world food week

Cheap food is an illusion. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere and if it isnt paid at the cash register,...

CAN do attitude

On October 20, U of Ts Hart House received Bollywood star Rahul Bose and Solomon Island teenage activist Christina Ora to talk about current...

Show me the art

I have been up for twenty-six hours straight and have learned that Nuit Blanche not only means White Night in French, but also holds...

Jerry springs on Hart House

Jerry Springer: The Opera is the most profane, lurid piece of musical theatre you will see in your life, and may possibly be the...

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