Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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UTM’s haunted house was a literal screamer

Last Wednesday, UTM Horror Club, in collaboration with UTMSU, transformed the student centre into a haunted house with a bundle of attractions and a lot of...

Get your scare on with this spooky to-do list

As October begins, the inevitable spooky season is upon us. Leaves change colour and fall to the ground, the air becomes crisp, and sunlight fades away...

Michael Myers’ humble beginnings

John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween set the precedent for the future of horror films. Starting as a cult indie film, the movie has gained...

Halloween Carnival raises money for Japan

UTM’s Student Centre was turned into a “Haunted Carnival” in celebration of Halloween last Monday.

Halloween Pub posts record sales

UTMSU hosted the annual Halloween Pub last Thursday night where students in a wide variety of costumes crowded the Blind Duck Pub.

Halloween through the (Dark) Ages

The word “Halloween” comes from the Catholic Church. It’s a contraction of “All Hallows Even”, that is, the night before All Saints’ Day, a day for the observance of saints, held on November 1.

Thriller night at the Guvernment

On Saturday, October 30, Guvernment Nightclub hosted one of the biggest Halloween parties in Toronto. The lineup had some phenomenal DJs, like Manzone and...

Real Halloween: be scared

The very first Halloween customs descend from the druids of the Celtic people of the British Isles and Gaul (old France). Druidism was popular...

Students "Trick or Eat" to fundraise for local food bank

On Halloween night, UTM monsters ran through the streets of Mississauga to scare home owners into giving food to fight hunger. The canvassing allowed...

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