Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tag: goals

What are New Year’s resolutions?

If you resolved to exercise more, save money, or learn a new skill at the beginning of this new year, you are not alone....

Shayna Jan learns perfect isn’t possible

Being a perfectionist means putting in 100 per cent and not being satisfied until your efforts have been rewarded with a result that meets...

The UTMSU in review

The current UTMSU executive has been working since April of this year to accomplish the platform points they ran on during the 2018 election....

Convocation: A family celebration

At convocation students receive their diplomas—a marker of their hard work and determination over the past four years and a celebration of their accomplishments...

Life lessons

I’ve noticed that sometimes life seems like a cheesy sitcom where at the end of the day you’re just supposed to learn your lesson...

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