Friday, July 19, 2024

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Blithe Spirit: a lightheartedly morbid escape

Theatre Erindale’s production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, directed by Melee Hutton, invites audiences to escape into a world of 1940’s wit and glamour from the moment...

U of T has updated diversity hiring survey

The University of Toronto’s Employment Equity program, has provided an updated Equity survey for faculty and prospective job applicants in order to better determine...

No release: Ensnared by prejudice

For young second- and third-generation Latina women living in segregated Mexican neighbourhoods in southern California, the cycle of incarceration and disruptions in education seems...

Female-focused Hamlet offers unique, dualistic perspective

As part of Theatre Erindale’s Studio Series, members of the Theatre and Drama Studies program premiered Hamlet in Deerfield Hall on February 2. The...

U of T surveys staff on personal matters

U of T collected information on this year’s faculty and staff in an online survey pertaining to race and gender. The university has been doing...

Women are from the same planet

In this last installment of the feminism series, I want to continue looking at what others have to say about the topic. One other...

Gender equity in varsity sports

The report’s results show that across Canada, males and females each have half of the participation opportunities at university; however, males have an unfair advantage.

Hey, guys… er, and girls?

Last Wednesday I overheard a rather heated conversation while doing some work in the IB lounge area. It began when a male student approached a group of sitting students (presumably his study group) and said, “Hey guys.”

Women celebrate at the Blind Duck

On Tuesday, March 8, a collaborative effort from the Women and Gender Studies Program, the U of T Status of Women Office, UTMSU, UTM...

Jennifer Lasachuk: WGS Student of the Year

On Tuesday, March 8, International Women’s Day at UTM, fifth-year women and gender studies student Jennifer Lasachuk received the Women and Gender Studies Student...

Gender and Genocide week seeks to educate

November 2 marked the beginning of Gender and Genocide week at UTM. The weeklong event focused on bringing awareness to the horrors of genocide, such as gender-based genocide, culture-based genocide, and religious-based genocide. Movie screenings and information boards brought awareness to these horrific acts.

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