Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Parking deck expansion planned for 2015

The Erindale College Council is considering a motion to extend the upper parking deck in lot 8 by 300 spaces at a cost of around $6.5 million. The project, to be completed by fall 2015, would be financed by having parking fees increase by 3% each year.

Dropping fees? Look closer

It’s that time of the year again. “Drop Fees” fever has taken over our campus and, as usual, we are being treated to politically-charged rants, Guy Fawkes masks, and other assorted paraphernalia that was paid for by, well, our fees.

ECC approves fee increases and academic policies change

Every year, matters of academic affairs and resources come under the scrutiny of the Erindale College Council (ECC). Comprised of faculty and students, the...

Student services propose fee increases

In late November, December, and January, UTMSU and UTSU participated in the Quality Service to Students council to shape operating plans and budgets. Voting at...

UTMSU to drop parking fees

Last Thursday, around 25 students gathered in the Presentation Room of the Student Centre to join the executives of the UTM Student Union. The...

ECC votes to increase fees

On January 29, voting members of the Erindale College Council approved increases in parking fees, residence fees and meal plan rates. The Council, UTMs...

An obligation to demand the most of ourselves

Last week UTMSU representatives met with departing Vice-President Orchard to discuss what they wanted from the next president. (Predictably, the issue of tuition fees...

St. George students face flat fees

A decision to introduce flat-rate tuition fees was approved by the University of Toronto Governing Council this past Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at the...

You're right. And I'm not sorry.

$7.25. Just in case youre wondering how much each student pays in incidental fees towards The Medium. You see, Im well aware that many of...

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