Friday, December 8, 2023

Tag: Expression

Scarlit Slam: shining light on mental health

Last Wednesday, UTM’s ICCIT Council hosted their annual poetry night, Scarlit Slam. The event seeks to give students a platform to express their stress and anxiety...

A week of eXpression on campus

The UTM Students’ Union held this semester’s eXpression Against Oppression Week last Monday.

In praise of emoticons: the best way to express yourself?

Whether it’s through BlackBerry Messenger, email, Facebook chat, or text messages, the cute little emoticons we’re all so fond of have been a way...

Xpression Against Oppression: Dr.Norman Finkelstein Speaks

Dr.Norman Finkelstein addressed over 500 people who came to hear him speak about solutions to the crisis between hamas and Israel. Dr.Finkelstein has been banned from Israel for ten years because of his views.

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