Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Speak-Off on UTM politics

Students debated UTMSU elections and UTMAC candidates campaigned at the event

Debating student politics

Last week’s debate was just plain sad.

Are we disengaged?

UTMSU All-Candidates Debate fails to draw attention from students at the Blind Duck

The independent

For a second year in a row, Thomas Kristan is running independently against a full slate in the UTMSU elections

UTMAC falls flat

I would like to express my disappointment with this year’s UTMAC

Low turnout at All Candidates Forum

The UTMSU All Candidates Forum was held last Thursday in the Student Centre. The debate took place in the Board Room while students celebrated...

I’m not voting. Here’s why.

The University of Toronto Student Union (not what I usually call them) are holding their elections this week. I don’t know where to start,...

Students claim to be unfairly disqualified

The U of T Student Union elections have undergone controversy after a slate of opposition candidates have boycotted the elections, claiming the process is...

Before Elections

’Twas the week before elections, when all across the campus not a student was caring, not even a frosh. The posters were hung on the wall...

Has campaigning begun before the elections?

For the last two months, the UTMSU has held caucus meetings during which select student club presidents and UTMSU executives discussed who should run...

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