Friday, September 22, 2023

Tag: egallery

More than halfway to the finish line

Springtime in university means different things to different people. For some, the warm weather teases us with the hint of summer coming along. For...

Critiquing capitalism the right way

Imagine capitalism stripped of its secrecy. Imagine capitalism as a series of unfiltered, visual representations that illustrate contexts often shielded from the public. Blackwood...

The aesthetic appeal of capitalism

Capitalism is a topic of global controversy. North America has an insatiable greed for wealth and commodities, a greed that reinforces capitalism and capital...

Finding the meaning of independence

Street riots. Revolutions. Parades. New flags. Independence. Maryam Jafri’s exhibit The Day After offers a comparative perspective of the decolonial moment in history, marking a...

Artists take advantage of natural resources

A wall of 17 industrial fans blow on the mound of sand in the middle of the Blackwood Gallery. Robert Wysocki’s installation "traction" uses 30,000 pounds of...

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