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Parking vote confusion resolved

Erindale College Council recommends fee increases.

Disagreement can be a good thing

Given the amount of feedback I have received on such a wide range of issues, I must conclude that people do, in fact, have opinions on what goes down at UTM, despite what you may have heard. Apathy is so 2011.

ECC in response

I must first respond to untruths in both Gilbert Cassar’s “Presidential Seasonal Message to the Masses” and Ruba El Khadri’s “Student Voice Stifled” pieces.

Student voice stifled at ECC

On December 1, 2011, the highest decision-making body at the University of Toronto Mississauga, the Erindale College Council, held a meeting to decide on ancillary fee increases for parking, meal plans, and residence at the UTM campus.

A failure to communicate

In the month since the last ECC meeting I have received a large number of requests, complaints, and clarifications about the issues surrounding the proceedings.

Tensions run high at the Erindale College Council

On November 24, the UTM Students Union emailed the chair and secretary of the Erindale College Council to inform them that the constitution had been violated by three hours.

Fifty students elected to ECC

The results of the Erindale College Council elections were announced on Monday. Fifty full-time undergraduates were elected to represent over 11,000 students.

ECC approves fee increases and academic policies change

Every year, matters of academic affairs and resources come under the scrutiny of the Erindale College Council (ECC). Comprised of faculty and students, the...

The Erindale College…

Dear Editor, The Erindale College Council (ECC) held their elections two weeks ago. With 50 seats available, it was disappointing to see only about 60...

ECC votes to increase fees

On January 29, voting members of the Erindale College Council approved increases in parking fees, residence fees and meal plan rates. The Council, UTMs...

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