Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tag: death

In memory of Alexandra Dodger

Alexandra Dodger, a U of T alumna and activist, passed away in Ottawa on October 15 after being involved in a car accident.

A sombre summer in the NHL world

In a span of just four months, three Canadian hockey players have died. The first, Derek Boogaard, died on May 13 after overdosing on alcohol...

The mystery of the “death clouds”

On July 22, 2008, astronauts from the International Space Station noticed a phenomenon they had never seen before: wisps of electric white-blue clouds streamed...


On New Year’s Eve, residents of Beebe, Arkansas prepared for the usual yearly celebrations. Friends gathered, concerts blared, and fireworks ignited. The next day,...

A last letter, a measured injection

Early last month, a newly discovered poem written by the late British poet-laureate Ted Hughes was unearthed at the British Library. This revelation of...

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