Monday, March 27, 2023

Tag: darren turner

Miel: a female weightlifting trailblazer

Miel McGerrigle Wynne, co-coach of the Olympic Weightlifting team at UTM, is one of the most accomplished athletes to come out of our university....

Do you even clean and press, though?

Olympic Weightlifting simply means “the style of weightlifting that you do at the Olympics.” According to Darren Turner, administrator and co-coach of the Olympic...

UTM athletics: past, present, and future

I recently sat down with varsity program coordinator, Jack Krist, about the evolution of UTM Athletics and what we can expect this upcoming year....

An unplanned journey

Two years ago, Chris Di Pietrantonio took the road less travelled and went from recreational weightlifter to Ontario junior weightlifting champion. It was a quick...

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