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UTMSU AGM runs smoothly

UTMSUs 2009 Annual General Meeting took place last Thursday afternoon in the Council Chambers in the South Building. Attended by approximately 50 students, the...

Library to remain open 24 hours during exams

Last Friday, the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre announced that it would reintroduce the 24/5 schedule abandoned less than a month ago. UTM Chief...

Galloway speaks at UTM

In a speech that was remarkable for its lack of controversial statements, George Galloway began by thanking Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for bringing...

Styling and profiling

Honestly, I think it ran better than last years third night — quite a statement, especially considering Michael Ross, co-producer of Style and Profyles...

Resident costs increasing

The cost of living at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus is going up again for the 2009-2010 school year, the result of...

New Democrats at UTM

Howard Hampton has initiated a leadership race in the provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) by announcing that he will step down from the position...

Whats the Dil-eO

Following from last weeks column discussing the music surrounding the inauguration of President Obama, I would like to point out and discuss the controversy...

A new era?

It appears to be the dawn of a new age, with the hopes of humanity seemingly resting upon one man

Xpression Against Oppression: Dr.Norman Finkelstein Speaks

Dr.Norman Finkelstein addressed over 500 people who came to hear him speak about solutions to the crisis between hamas and Israel. Dr.Finkelstein has been banned from Israel for ten years because of his views.

UTM students protest Gaza humanitarian crisis

In freezing temperatures last Saturday afternoon, nearly 15,000 protesters turned out to protest the on-going humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip. The mob of...

Strike at UTM in February 2009?

The University of Toronto and CUPE Local 3902 are currently deadlocked in negotiations, with a mediator scheduled to intervene this month in the hopes of reaching an agreement. If this fails, CUPE may be in a strike position as early as February.

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