Monday, December 11, 2023

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Talking Canada-U.S. relations

Last Friday, POL203: Politics and Government of the United States, a course offered at UTM that focuses on the politics of the U.S. and,...

Jewish groups protest upcoming Islamic course

The University of Toronto is being pressed by Jewish organizations to cancel an Islamic seminar course taught by scholar Abdullah Hakim Quick due to his public anti-Semitic and homophobic comments.

“The book is a sensual object”

This is a story about 12 people, one course, and cartload of font choices. It has a semi-sex joke in it, too.

So you’re taking a language course

Language is a harsh mistress. She totes a bullwhip, handcuffs, and a gimp mask, and has no safety word. We spend all our infant...

Crash course on "how to speak good"

On October 26, the CCIT Council held an event called How to speak good (well). Professor Joan Vinall-Cox of the Professional Writing Program and...

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