Monday, June 17, 2024

Tag: cooking

Resolve means every day for 30 days

While walking through UTM’s athletic facilities this week, I made it a goal to ask students, trainers, and staff about their New Year’s resolutions....

Maple-Glazed Trout (or Salmon)

This week was Science Literacy week: a Canada-wide event created by U of T grad Jesse Hildebrand to celebrate science. UTM also celebrated the event...

Chocolate Fudge with a Nutty Twist

Potlucks are the bane of my existence. Despite my love for them, I find potlucks rather troublesome. Do I bring sandwiches or do I choose...

Depardieu: Actor & Foodie

Gerard Depardieu’s "My Cookbook" has been around for a few years—four to be exact. It’s not standard practice to review a book so long...

If you can't stand the tweet, stay out of the kitchen

A couple years ago, during Canadian Music Week, I watched a group on the cusp of stardom. They were playing post-Benjamin Gibbard pitch-corrected power...

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