Thursday, September 21, 2023


Syria to ’Sauga: Nazar reaches UTM

A single Google search with the terms “Syrian refugee” brings up heart-breaking images, policy debates, and controversial comments. What also pops up on the...

Just one word: Internet

What would you do if you could meet the founders of Facebook before they made it big?  Would you invest in them? Would you...

Crash course on "how to speak good"

On October 26, the CCIT Council held an event called How to speak good (well). Professor Joan Vinall-Cox of the Professional Writing Program and...

International students orientation a smash

Throngs of excited students gathered on Labour Day on the green grass outside the CCIT building for the International Student Orientation. The event, which was organized by campus life divisions such as utmONE, the International Student Resource Centre and


The CCIT Council held their own orientation day last Friday for 40 first-year CCIT students and 25 upper-year leaders. The one-day event featured an...

CCIT Council plans orientation for students

The CCIT Academic Societys orientation week is taking place this Friday and if youre a first-year student unsure of what to study in the...

Our freedom of expression

"The following piece contains explicit material. Viewer discretion is advised." Unfortunately, I was afforded no such warning when I strolled into the CCIT building...

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