Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tag: Backpack to Briefcase

Learning and growing from our challenges

Last Tuesday, UTM’s Backpack to Briefcase event titled “Developing Emotional Resilience” focused on the various forms used to build psychological resilience in the face of adversity...

So you want to be a leader?

Have you ever looked at someone in a position of power and wondered what sets them apart from their peers? What methods did they...

After UTM, “What do you want to do?”

Last Tuesday, UTM’s Alumni Association and U of T’s Affinity Partners presented a Backpack to Briefcase lecture, where Susy Martins, assistant vice-president of Global...

Financial literacy: is there a gender gap?

Last Tuesday, a Backpack to Briefcase event was held at Deerfield Hall, focusing on the role of gender in financial literacy and featuring Candice...

What to do when you feel like a fraud

Pacinthe Mattar, HBA ’08 and associate producer at CBC Radio One, shared her experiences dealing with impostor syndrome while following her dreams during last...

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