Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tag: art history

From compositional art to readymades

As outlined in Rosalind Krauss’s opening line to a chapter dedicated to Marcel Duchamp’s Etant Donnés in “Art since 1900,” a textbook she co-wrote with four...

From Rome to New York, and back again

In the year between high school and university, Evonne Levy, a professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture at UTM, travelled to Italy...

Q&A: grads answer with artistic skill

Last week, UTM’s Blackwood Gallery opened its annual exhibition of UTM art and art history graduates’ talent. Frequently Answered Questions explores how art is...

We’re not all cut from the same cardboard

The Gallery at Sheridan College welcomed students and faculty last Thursday evening for the opening of its current exhibition, Project Project. The exhibition features...

Mississauga talent spreads to Toronto

Where do artists trying to establish themselves and their work go to get recognition? Tucked away in a little corner on Richmond Street, Trinity...

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