Friday, July 12, 2024

Tag: Andrew Scheer

French debate kicks off federal campaign race

The French-language leaders’ debate last Wednesday plunged into issues on abortion, medical assistance in dying, the urgency of climate change, and Quebec’s controversial provincial law against...

Week review of election campaigns

After a week of campaigning, the political landscape leading into Canada’s 43rd federal election on October 21 has slowly shifted with platform reveals and several controversial announcements. Last...

Conservatives lead Liberals in 2019 election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially announced the beginning of Canada’s 43rd federal election at Rideau Hall in Ottawa last Wednesday. Trudeau formally asked Governor General Julie Payette...

Omar Khadr’s lawyer tells Guantanamo story

Dennis Edney, the defence lawyer for Canadian detainee Omar Khadr who was locked in Guantanamo Bay, presented a talk hosted by the Hart House...

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