Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tag: alcohol

The impacts of alcohol

Alcohol is not inherently bad just like drinking responsibly and in moderation is not dangerous. However, underage drinking, binge drinking, or long term heavy...

Health stats collected for HCC

A survey from the National College Health Assessment, sponsored and distributed by the American College Health Association, has been distributed to selected UTM students...

Hang up the hangover hat

Sloppy makeouts, sticky floors, stained clothing, expensive cab rides, and too many rounds of three-dollar tequila. Is this what all university students dream of? The...

Rejected fruit flies turn to booze

Male fruit flies drink more alcohol when a female denies them sex

Shot recipes: what’s your poison?

Once and a while everyone likes to have a drink—but do you ever feel that the same old rum and coke just isn’t cutting...

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