Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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GTA artists get in on the conversation

Diaspora Dialogues, a non-profit Toronto-based arts organization, teamed up with the Art Gallery of Mississauga last Thursday to produce a night of vibrant performances...

Find Waldo: the search for the AGM

To be honest, getting into Art Toronto was a bit of a hassle. I show up at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and buy...

UTSU AGM in 60 seconds or less

A brief look at some of the goings-on in UTSU's annual general meeting on October 7.

AGM rocks the boat of Canadian art

The AGM was quiet when I walked in at 7:20 on a Thursday evening. But as I approached the exhibition hall, I could hear...

A virtual confessional

Last night I logged onto Twitter and fessed up about how much I miss my pet fish Rainbow, who died in a tragic bathtub...

Political critique of Pan Am madness

Let’s imagine that Sports, Fine Art, and Politics are people and they all end up in a room together. All three know each other,...

Grief’s hidden beauty

I am the kind of person whose emotions are based on what I see others doing. Unfunny movies become funny when I hear a...

The Medium holds AGM, fails to reach quorum

About 20 students attended, including regular students and members of UTMSU

UTMSU’s silent AGM

Out of 90 attendees, most of whom were union volunteers, 700 proxy votes were counted; 88% of votes cast represented students who were not in attendance, and who may not have been aware of the implications of their vote.

ECC: Erindale College Complaint

The Annual General Meeting of UTMSU was well attended by approximately 90 students in person, and 700 students via proxy. Thank you for participating as we celebrated our collective work and prepare for the challenges ahead.

It’s that time of year again

Every year, UTMSU’s Annual General Meeting is one of the most important stories The Medium covers. To put it lightly, there has always been some tension.

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