There are many people who are unsure about taking protein powder because they feel it is unnatural and not good for our body to ingest. Through research, we are able to debunk this myth and find that protein powders are a healthy option for those who require or want to take it.

According to a weekly writer of WebMD, Gina Shaw depicts protein powders as protein supplements taken to meet our daily requirements of protein, which ultimately enhances the formation of muscles. The article “Do You Need Protein Powders” suggests that since proteins naturally originate from whole food sources, they are not whole food sources themselves. This means that they are processed, and the protein is extracted from the original food. These foods can range from rice, egg, milk, peas, hemp, soy, and more.

Although it is healthier for your body to process protein through natural sources, protein powders are a safe and a healthy supplement for protein nonetheless. Time Health advises natural sources of protein as they are easier for your body to process, since they provide a smaller dosage of protein concentrate in larger quantities. On the other hand, protein powders provide a high concentrate of protein in a small quantity. This can lead to more trips to the bathroom, as your body won’t always be able to absorb all the protein. The importance of moderation also matters, as too much of anything can be dangerous and unhealthy. Therefore, the use of the protein powder should be regulated according to the individual and their own daily intake of foods.

A Canadian Community Health Survey conducted by Statistics Canada indicated that only 31.7 per cent of Canadians are meeting the daily protein requirement. Protein powders help individuals in reaching their daily protein requirement. It also helps in providing a fast alternative to our busy day-to-day lives.

The debacle between whey protein and a plant-based protein is never ending. According to the website “Art of Wellbeing,” whey protein is the remainder of curdled milk. after it has been strained. As a result of it being extracted from original food sources, the protein has a larger amount of amino acids than plant-based proteins. The article explores the amino acid count that distinguishes the effects from the curdled milk to be better than the plant-based protein. The protein powders differ because of the coupled effect of extracted protein from peas and brown rice are equivalent to the effect of a protein powder being extracted from one source.

Protein powders are not dangerous to have, they are convenient for those who need a fast method of receiving their daily intake of protein. Although it is shown that protein powder is a healthy alternative supplement, the natural intake of protein is still the most beneficial for everyone.

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