On Saturday September 28, the UTM Varsity Women’s soccer team faced off against the Conestoga Condors on our home field. The girls played a hard-fought game against the Condors despite the harsh rain and cold weather, but unfortunately lost 0-3. The weather proved to be a challenge throughout the game, but the team kept fighting and never gave up. The Condors played an aggressive and rough game, but the Eagles never backed down. Every time the Eagle girls were knocked down by the other team, they always got back up.

The girls started off with a strong defense, with Eagle’s number 14 Emilia Missing putting pressure and cutting off the opposing team from scoring. Eagle’s number 27 Sarita Macaldaz demonstrated lots of good ball control throughout the game and helped the team maintain possession of the ball. UTM had some good one-two passing and were able to move the ball up the field where number 10 Selena Toro always found herself in the right position to lead an offensive attack. The ladies weren’t able to get many offensive opportunities in the first half but kept the pressure and left the score at half-time 0-1 with the Condors in the lead.

In the second half, the Condors began to initiate more offense and create more opportunities to score on the Eagles. Thankfully, the Eagles’ goalie, number 32 Mackenzie Kieswetter, was able to make many exceptional saves. She played very well and maintained good composure throughout the game. At the same time, the ladies initiated more counter offenses when the Condors team would leave an opening after their own offensive attacks. This allowed Eagle’s number 5, Emily Sevcik, to have a close shot on the goal. The final score was 0-3.

Overall, the team played well despite the results. They used a position switching strategy where the wings would switch for alternative offensive attacks. This helped them gain more chances for scoring in the second half. Mackenzie Kieswetter did a phenomenal job in net. Not only did she make great saves again and again, but she also continued playing despite getting an injury in the second half of the game, showing her true dedication and determination.

It was definitely a tough match, and even harder to play in the rain. The girls may not have had much luck this game, but they’ll have more for their next one. The Eagles play their final home game of the regular season on Tuesday October 15 against Sheridan at 4:30 p.m. on the South Field. Don’t be afraid to come out and support our Varsity Athletes. Good luck Eagles!

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