UTMAC looking to unite campus

As this year’s president of the UTM Athletic Council, Andjela Ocicek organizes athletic events and keeps the council on track in terms of athletics and other events.

UTMAC’s planning began before the beginning of the school year, and its first events were held during Frosh Week, including an obstacle course, a dodgeball game, a water balloon toss game, and a tug-of-war. UTMAC also took part in Welcome Week in conjunction with the phys ed department’s Get Experience Fair, setting up a booth outside the Student Centre to promote athletics, tryouts, positions in the department, and more.

Another priority of the council is off-campus activities, including an NFL game in Detroit, Michigan on September 29 in conjunction with UTMSU (tickets for which are currently on sale at the RAWC), multiple trips to Raptors’ games in November and February, and a free trampoline dodgeball tournament at Sky Zone in Mississauga in October and March.

UTMAC will also be organizing various fundraising activities for students during Charity Week, which will run from November 4 to 8, and is looking to work with the Health and Counselling Centre to extend Health Week’s activities over the entire month of January. Ocicek believes physical activity is integral to a healthy, stress-free university career.

In past years, UTMAC has sometimes come under fire for having poor communication between the council and the student body. Ocicek promises school-wide promotion for all home intramural games and some away games and playoffs to ensure adequate attendance.

She also states that U of T’s Varsity sports teams have not gotten the recognition they deserve and plans to promote their games as well.

Ocicek’s seven-member slate, Project RAWC, was elected last spring against a lone independent candidate. The slate’s campaign included a commitment to build an artificial turf field open all year.

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