UTMAC: Athleticism and academia collide

The school year is fresh, summer is winding down, and a new group is looking to make its mark and create a new culture of athletics at UTM. The UTM athletics community has experienced its first major overhaul in over two years with the emergence of the new faction of students—this year’s University of Toronto Mississauga Athletic Council (UTMAC).

The new council looks to not only enhance the benefits provided by their predecessors, but it also aims to be a catalyst for an athletic culture that all students can share, especially those who may have previously felt neglected due to a lack of athletic experience on campus.

On Friday, I took the opportunity to speak with Kassim Baluch, UTMAC’s VP of Administration. The result was an insight into the group’s platforms on improving integration of a greater number of students.

“We are mostly about athletics, but mostly we want to make sure we do take care of students and give them what they want to see,” said Baluch. UTMAC looks to provide not only best resources for student athletic performance but also various forms of entertainment through social events, which Baluch outlined as a priority for the group.

As the school undergoes tangible changes such as new buildings and increased admittance, UTMAC looks to make 2011–12 represent a new standard for how students can most effectively balance the pressure of academic excellence and athletic fulfillment. After all, physical activity and exercise is a great way to alleviate academic stress.

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