UTM gets healthy with Health Week

From January 25 to 28, UTMAC hosted Health Week. The event singled out a theme for each day of the week.

UTMAC set up in the Meeting Place on Monday, which was designated as Drug and Alcohol and Sexuality day. Tuesday was Physical Health day, which saw students engage in a Wii Fit competition at the Meeting Place and an athletic skills competition at the RAWC, before finishing the day with a dodgeball tournament. The skills competition included sit ups, bench jumps, long jumps and scootering, amongst other skill tests. In support of Haiti, UTMAC donated $1.00 towards the Haiti relief fund for every participant in the athletic combine.

We were able to raise about $100 based on the participation of the [Tuesday] Physical Health Day participants, said UTMAC President Ashley Nyugen.

On Wednesday, the Health and Wellness fair took place at the Meeting Place. Health Week concluded on Thursday, with the day dedicated to Mental Stress and Nutrition.

One of the major differences with this years Health Week was that UTMAC worked closely with the Peer Health Group at HCC and Rachel Tennant at the RAWC. Unlike prior health weeks, UTMAC was able to gather people from the community to participate at the health fair, which included Chartwells and OneMatch.

Chartwells supplies chefs and dieticians who work closely with school boards, school administrations, teachers and parents to create custom menus that are nutritious and attractive to students. OneMatch deals with stem cell and bone marrow networks, helping to secure donors for bone marrow transplants for patients abroad. This was the first time UTMAC has ever partaken in a health fair and they accumulate over 300 participants.

UTMACs goal is not only to raise awareness on all the sporting events we offer on our campus, but also to let students know they dont need to be super athletic to join our events, said Nyugen. We have events for all levels.  Our ultimate aim is to increase sporting participation and make UTM a more spirited campus, which we hope will lead to the building of a stronger community.

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