UFC 128: Jones lives up to hype

This past Saturday, UFC 128 took place with the main event of Jon “Bones” Jones challenging for the light-heavyweight title against Shogun Rua. With a barrage of elbows landing flush against Rua’s face, it was evident that Jones was ready for the fight, despite the short notice for his chance at the title.

But the third round was ultimately Rua’s undoing. Jones was completely scratch-free entering the round and the fight was his for the taking. Rua came out strong with an attempted submission of Jones, but Jones was able to punch his way out and managed to get into a half-guard position. Rua staggered to his feet moments after what looked to be lethal combinations from Jones.  However, as soon as Rua managed to stand up, it was all but over. Jones finished Rua off with a finishing series of punches that dropped him to the mat for the last time and the referee was forced to stop the fight 2:37 into the third round.

The win cements Jones as the best light-heavyweight fighter in the UFC and at this rate, he is not slowing down. He lived up to the hype and will continue to do so for many fights to come.

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