Summer at the RAWC stays as active as you

UTM’s summer leagues fill up quickly, attracting players from all over North America DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION/PHOTO

When taking summer courses, it can be hard to drag yourself to campus to sit in a cold classroom while everyone else is enjoying the sunshine outside. But have no fear: the RAWC has plenty to offer to get your mind off of classes—and not just indoors!


Yes, the entire facility will remain open throughout the summer session, so you can lift weights and build muscle to your heart’s content. Also, there are still drop-in classes for anyone who has a membership, and many of the classes can be held outdoors.


Every weekday, there is pick-up soccer and ultimate frisbee on the North Field for all students and members, weather permitting. Various tournaments will be held every Wednesday, starting in June. These tournaments include basketball (including men’s and women’s three-on-three, bump, H.O.R.S.E., and 21), badminton, table tennis, and more.


Basketball is popular at UTM, and the summer basketball leagues are running again this year. It is open to students and community members, even if they don’t have a membership at the gym. The women’s league runs on Monday evenings, and the men’s league runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Team and individual statistics of three-pointers, dunks, points per game, and more are recorded, and there is an all-star game in addition to regular and playoff games. St. George and Scarborough also have summer leagues, and the champion team in UTM’s league gets to play in the tri-campus final, which will be hosted at UTM this year since UTM’s team won last year’s championship final. Timers and scorekeepers are needed for every game, so if you’re interested in making some extra cash, stop by the program office soon. These positions fill up quickly.


Students who are not enrolled in classes and still want to go to the gym or participate in pick-up sports and tournaments can still participate if they purchase a summer membership, which costs about $140 after taxes.

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