Should the Toronto Maple Leafs change their jerseys?

I’m Chris, the sports editor and I’m sure I would continue to contribute to this blog, if I am not kicked out yet. So, let’s get on it.

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend and The Medium is taking the week off. Only 6 issues out, but what a relief. The question is, is the weekend after a big issue? We shall find out soon enough.

I am a sports guru. I can also say I know more about soccer (football) then the EIC of The Medium, who claims he is physically intimate with the game. I’m just kidding. But as the sports editor, I am going to take the time and see if the audience and bloggers will respond to my sport questionnaire. I will try to post a question every week to possibly get some answers.

Anyways, Do you think the Toronto Maple Leafs should change their jerseys? I know the original six teams have no desire in the change of aesthetics, but will it even be good for Chicago, New York, Montreal, Boston or Detroit to do the same? Boston and New york both tried to change it up with Boston’s third jersey with the bear in front and New York has Ms. Liberty in front of the away shirts. Let’s here what you have to say.

This is Chris off and away and stay tune for more sports news and questions.

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