Raptors are getting worse each game

There’s still a problem with the Toronto Raptors, coaching. Besides Jay Triano just starting to take charge of the team, they still can’t that final point that cost them a few games.

On Dec 7, the Raptors lost a 16-point lead to the Portland Trail Blazers and after Steve Blake’s clutch three-pointer over Jose Calderon, they just couldn’t get that last second basket to win the game. It was mind boggling that Chris Bosh was handed the ball above the arch (why was he that far out?) to charge the net and take the lead. However, a game plan by just giving the ball to Bosh and him doing all the work, is not always the smartest move. The game’s go-to-man was O’Neal, it wasn’t a hidden secret. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest, it should be a team effort to push the team over .500 instead of dropping.


I understand Bosh wants more opportunities as the saviour since he his their prestige superstar, but so far nothing has been working out. Jermaine O’Neal had a stellar game with 24 points, especially since it seemed he had fun embarrassing centre Greg Oden in the paint. Unfortuantely, Bosh couldn’t pass Oden. Sometimes you can’t be too obvious with your strategy- think of the Nets/Raptors playoff series two years ago.

– Calderon should be putting up a few more points as the starter. The Raptors are depending on Bargnani to be a little more consistent (when he has a good game, his stats show all). And no one on the Raps cracked over eight boards.

It was also great to see Lamacus Aldridge covering Bargnani, the no. 1 and 2 picks, giving Raps fans a little regret that Coangelo went the European way than picking up a C/F that can get you 20-10 a game, with a couple of threes. Bargnani was suppose to show the same performance.

There’s a plus to all of this, Triano gave Joey Graham some court time and it showed. Maybe we can finally get some points from Graham (who has the poteintial, but didn’t get the chance), especially a few dunks which he provided during Sunday’s game and pick up the pace so the Raps don’t lose these big leads in the second half. Unfortunately, the big lead losts are re-occurring but Joey G finally has the opportunity to play as a first-round draft pick.

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    • The same feelings apply. Bargnani has put up some numbers and Triano is doing the best he can with the roles he holds. With no bench, you can’t ask for more. The one thing Triano is doing well is the rotation of players– he keeps it fresh and gives his team playing time. This is a great motivational factor for the players.

      Bosh is not a shooter and Calderon still has to put more points than assists up. Hopefully, he changes after his absence from the team. Joey G is producing, not as good as other draft picks in that specific year, however its better than before. He almost hits his double double every game. Unfortunately, just as everyone knows, defense is a growing issue an Triano has not developed a plan. Missing O’Neal is not helpful at all, so now we have to look at bargnani to compensate for Jermaine’s absence below the net. It’s an awkward situation with the Raps. The problem is that no one knows what their prime role on the court is.

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