Toronto native Gregory Roberts is a fourth-year psychology student at UTM and the men’s Division 1 basketball team’s standout point guard. Roberts has been a tremendous source of offense for the championship-calibre squad, having his name all over the score sheet game after game.

“My main responsibilities on the court are to lead the team and help win basketball games,” says Roberts. However, he wouldn’t classify himself as a scoring point guard. Despite his ability to get the ball in the basket, at the same time, he holds an unselfish attitude, enabling him to set his teammates up for open shots. He can set players up, like his teammate Alessandro Tanzi, who is another prolific scorer.

Roberts credits a couple of key factors for his outstanding success at UTM. “Preparation and improvement are crucial. Not just in the short term for an upcoming game, but also in the long run, trying to be the best version of yourself.”

“Personally, I’m in the gym every day, either playing, lifting, or both,” Roberts adds. “I also love watching basketball on my down time, whether it be professional or a personal game tape. That helps me not only be ready for the physical demands, but allows me to learn and be able to out-think future opponents.”

Like any athlete, Roberts has had to face a few obstacles in his career. He recalls a time when he was playing basketball at a prep school in the U.S. The experience didn’t pan out the way he would have liked, but he didn’t let it get to his psyche. “I had to persevere and find another path to achieve my goals,” he says. He also recently recovered from a broken ankle that occurred in November 2015. Despite the setback, he was able to recover in a little over two months and help lead last year’s men’s team to a championship trophy. Now Roberts showcases his raw ability, but also understands how quickly he’s able to lose this mentality if he isn’t prepared and focused.

Outside of basketball, Roberts is relaxed and makes friends easily. Being a dominant force on the basketball court makes you a polarizing figure—just ask the best athletes in the world; they’re either loved or hated. But his “low-key” confident demeanour inevitably lead him to being appreciated. “I’m really active, and like to laugh and mess around with friends. I’m also a huge nerd, which is something that you would never guess when looking at me,” he says.

Once he’s finished at UTM, Roberts hopes to play basketball professionally at the highest level he’s able to reach. Whenever he can land himself on a team, he’s there, ready to compete for any open opportunities.

“I know I can score at a high rate and have the ability to get teammates involved, so just being able to do that more efficiently and at a higher level while improving on my weaknesses,” Roberts says. “Looking at the team, the only expectation is to repeat as back-to-back champions. We have the pieces to do so, and we’re the best in our league right now. As long as we keep improving as a team and take care of business, we’re poised to make a good run.”

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