Piotto sisters take Eagles to finals

On November 8, sisters Nadia and Mara Piotto led the UTM womens soccer team to a 2 — 1 victory as they faced off against Victoria College in the semi-finals of the division 1 Tri-Campus Soccer Tournament

The scarcity of spectators in the stands and the calm mood of the game highlighted the deadlock on the field. Play was predominantly restricted to the very centre of the pitch, with neither the Eagles nor Victoria College making significant advances into the oppositions zones. The intensity of such circumstances, however, was weakened when Nadia Piotto flaunted her offensive skill within the 15-minute mark of the first half. With a strong kick that propelled the ball past the grasps of Victoria Colleges goalie, Nadia gave UTM the lead, 1 — 0, hovering just outside the 18-yard box. Ten minutes later, Mara, taking inspiration from her sisters clever ball handling, fired a shot roughly 30 yards away from the goal. The ball soared past the goaltender and into the top left pocket of the net. UTM thus concluded the first half with a head start, leading 2 — 0.

Though the first half ended with a stroke of optimism for the home team, Victoria College began to press the Eagles defence as the second half drew on. Roughly midway through the latter half of the match, on gaining possession in UTMs zone, Victoria College knocked the ball in just past the grasp of the Eagles goalie, who gave up her only goal of the game. Now at 2 — 1, Victoria struggled to catch up to the Eagles.

The final quarter of the game ticked away in the same fashion. Victoria College displayed teamwork and an unquenched desire to tie the match, and the Eagles responded to their opponents advances net with unmatched ferocity. The final moments of the game were characterized by careful ball handling and numerous shots on net, though most were wide of the goal.

It was not one of our best efforts, but it shows how talented this team is as they were still able to come away with the victory. I am proud of the girls for getting one step closer to a championship and I believe this team has the talent to win it all, said Coach Robert Brown.
The Eagles played their championship game yesterday against rival UTSC at 11:00 a.m.

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