Most students at UTM strive to better themselves academically. But swimming in coursework can become overwhelming, and many student use athletics to beat school-related stress. Nolan Anderson is able to get the best of both worlds every day. In addition to being a student, Anderson works at the RAWC’s control desk. Born and raised in Mississauga, Anderson manages to balance time spent working on courses and time on the court.

Since being a student alone can be demanding, Anderson is happy to work somewhere that gets him involved with the campus community, promotes overall health, and is a stone’s throw away from his lecture hall. “One perk of being a RAWC employee is the sense of community and belonging that the control desk staff and other RAWC staff have with each other,” he says.

Anderson was interested in working at the RAWC because of his interest in fitness. According to Anderson, his athletic background, which includes being a player on the UTM men’s tri-campus soccer team for the past two years, made him right for the job.

“Meeting a large and diverse array of people who attend the gym either regularly or once in a while is an added bonus, on top of increased familiarity with the inner functioning and programming of the RAWC itself,” adds Anderson.

The athlete, who’s won two back-to-back soccer championships and played in a number of leagues on campus, including ball hockey, Division 1 soccer, and co-ed soccer, sees his position as an opportunity to improve his physical well-being and get others involved, too.

Though the number of students joining Campus Rec and other leagues on campus has risen, Anderson believes that the level of competition is lower than it used to be in campus sports leagues. “Based [on] others’ perspectives, and from what I see in the leagues I play in, I would have to agree that the intensity of the competition might not be where it used to be,” he says. “For example, there are only four soccer teams in Division 1 soccer, but as many as 12 in Division 2.”

Anderson is currently in the second year of his psychology and philosophy double major. After graduation, he plans on attending graduate school for psychology or earning a degree in law or global affairs.

A Toronto Maple Leafs fan, he has enjoyed his time working at the RAWC, including the perks of spotting professional athletes using the workout facilities. “I [saw] Ricky Ray and Chad Owens, quarterback and wide receiver, respectively, for the Toronto Argonauts,” says Anderson. “Having them use the facility on a regular basis clearly demonstrates the high overall quality of the RAWC.”

This article was originally printed alongside a picture of another athlete. The above is the correct one. A notice will be printed in the March 10, 2014 issue.

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