Last Friday was a day to get physically active in the RAWC. Students who attended the MoveU Motivator explored activities that are readily available to them on campus, discovering that people who engage in regular exercise feel and function better.

Starting the event was Ulrich Krull, UTM’s acting principal and analytical chemistry professor.

“Professor Krull is also a champion of healthy active living. He regularly promotes the physical, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing benefits that come from being active, and points out that being active at UTM can also be a great way for students to connect with their peers and their professors,” says Chad Jankowski, UTM’s health education coordinator, who helped organize the event.

Krull shared many key strategies and facts based on extensive research on how to lead a healthier active lifestyle. He emphasized that “life balance” is the key ingredient.

Going to the gym once on a random day of the week because you feel guilty for eating an unhealthy meal is not an effective plan to combat the extra pounds. Your time spent with your friends, parents, school, work, and family should all incorporate a level of healthy eating and physical activity. Even if one of those aspects don’t resemble a healthy active lifestyle, take the effort to fix it—you’ll be helping others along the way, too.

“It’s so rewarding to see students who usually don’t get involved in social, physical activities coming out and having fun together,” says Jankowski.

The event was packed with fun, accessible activities. Different from last year, newer events quickly turned into crowd favourites: pick-up badminton, circuit training with one of the RAWC’s personal trainers, and “Beater Battle” drills run by UTM’s Quidditch Club. Students tried up to three 20-minute mini-classes that let you go at your own pace.

The organizers were happy with the turnout at the event. According to Mary Anne Aliazon, a team leader for the MoveU Crew, over 100 students attended the event, including many first-years.

Organizers expect students to teach their friends and family members the same values they learned that afternoon.

“Many of the trainers who facilitated the activities commented that they saw a lot of new faces and a great deal of excitement being able to explore ways of staying active on campus,” Jankowski says.

After the cooldown stretch, participants left with a fitness starter kit, including a gym bag, towel, and a Frisbee. A few lucky participants walked away with one of five grand prizes.

Next up for MoveU is Sneaker Squad, which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the RAWC. Time to get those running shoes dirty now that the leaves are officially falling.

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