Movember is growing

It’s that month again; the month of November brings about the charity event that has grown to huge proportions, known as “Movember”.

The “mo” (slang for “moustache”) challenges men to change their appearance by letting their moustache grow for the entire month. The moustache represents the ribbon of men’s health and the awareness of prostate cancer across the globe.

The idea of Movember was established in a pub in Australia between a few friends in the middle of drinking a few pints. The idea was supposed to be a joke—simply to bring the moustache back to its prime and raise awareness for men’s health along the way. The first year did not raise any money but the idea had a solid foundation and was a topic of conversation for months to come. The “mo bros” (any male who participates) were inspired by all that had been done for women and breast cancer research so they decided to create a men’s health movement through the moustache.

In the first year, Movember had acquired 432 participants and they raised $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Now, the Movember movement has crossed to North America and the UK. In 2009, there were over 255,000 participants and they raised over $47 million.

I am participating in the Movember movement this month and am asking for help for prostate cancer research. I vow not to shave my moustache for the month (which probably will not turn out too well), but I need your help in raising money.

If you want to help (which I sincerely hope you do), please visit my sponsored Movember page at and donate to this great cause.

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