The UTM men’s volleyball team went up against St. George Black in the second game last Sunday.

This game was a very competitive match from the start, and both teams wanted the win. Both teams had runs in each set that ultimately determined the winner. St. George came out on top, winning the three sets 25–19, 14–25, and 25–16, respectively.

The first set had a strong offensive showing from both teams. Good passing, efficient spiking, and good digging were the mode for both teams in the first half. Every time it looked like one team was about to go on a run, the other team responded with a mini-run of their own. St. George edged the first set through with composure towards the end of the set.

The second set was played differently. St. George began to lose hold of the efficient play that allowed them to win the first set, and UTM took full advantage of this. The set started off competitively, and then with the scores tied at 11–11, UTM went on a 14–3 run that effectively won  them the set. During the set, St. George found it hard to get their serves in play, with 10 serves that hit the net.

The third set went the same way as the first set, and St. George emerged with the win. UTM’s offence faltered at the wrong times and St. George turned up their serving efficiency.

UTM weren’t consistent enough throughout the game to land the win. UTM has some more games coming up before the playoffs; they need to improve their intensity on defence if they want to win this season.

This display was not a good sign, but the team has time to identify their lapses before the playoffs.

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