Marc Savard a Toronto Maple Leaf?

Rumours surround Boston Bruins centre Marc Savard even after a broken foot caused him to miss fourteen straight games. Averaging a point per game, Savard is said to be close to resigning with the Boston Bruins for $39 million throughout seven years. He will, of course, be an unrestricted free agent at the conclusion of this season, and he has a no-trade clause in his current contract. Rumours also state that Savard is close to former teammate, Phil Kessel. They played several years together in Boston, improving each others techniques during their time there.

Both GM Brian Burke and Kessel are trying to entice Savard to the Leafs. The playmaking centre would provide a huge boost of offense instead of circling Mitchell, Stajan or Grabovski on the top line. Boston is looking to acquire a top four defenseman to help on the back end and if they cannot sign Savard, they will try to trade him. Conveniently, Burke is shopping Kaberle and looks to trade him for a top six forward. Savard said he would love to play in Toronto for Canadas team, as he grew up not too far away in Ottawa. It has also been rumoured around the league that he recently bought a house in Southern Ontario and is preparing his family for a move, should one be required.

If a trade takes place, it would probably send Kaberle and a fourth round draft pick for Savard. Savard is 32, and Burke has repeatedly said that the Leafs transition will take time. He would have to sign Savard to a multi-year deal worth five to six million dollars a season, which does not seem logical for the Leafs in their current state. If Savard is traded to the Leafs, expect the top line to be Kessel, Savard and Blake. All whom are capable of eighty point seasons.

One thing is certain: the Leafs need a top forward to play alongside Phil Kessel because he cannot pass himself the puck and Stajan is not a top six forward on any team, not even the Leafs. If the Leafs cannot acquire a centre by trading their only real trade bait in Kaberle, they will trade him away for draft picks. Either way, it should be Kaberles last season in blue and white as he does not fit in with Burkes plan for the Leafs.
If Burke and Kessel manage to persuade Savard to Toronto, it will make waves around the league, especially in Leaf Land. Toronto is the hockey capital of the world and Savard would fit nicely on the top line. Not only will the top line persevere, but the powerplay will improve with someone who is proven to be a true playmaker. Without a doubt, this trade would help the Leafs tremendously.

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