Sunday afternoon was an exciting day for the UTM varsity men’s soccer team, as they readied themselves to face Humber in the first home game of the season. It was a beautiful day out on the pitch and the bleachers were filled with eager UTM students ready to cheer on their team. Once the game began, the atmosphere was contagious, and the Eagles immediately took possession of the ball, playing an offensive game for the first ten minutes. UTM wasn’t giving Humber a chance to score, but unfortunately at the fifteenth minute, their first attempt was successful. Despite this small setback, the crowd’s unfaltering hope was evident in the stands.

It wasn’t until Humber scored a second goal at the thirty-ninth minute that the overall morale became subdued. However, this silence among the crowd was short-lived, as newcomer Zimba Galloway elevated spirits in the second half of the game with his goal at the fifty-second minute mark. Although this ended up being UTM’s only goal, it was a testament to the team’s overall solidarity, as Galloway himself insisted that “the goal was a build up from the back line and it was a team effort the whole 90 minutes.”

Although Humber scored shortly after in the fifty-fourth minute, this was soon overshadowed by their second yellow card of the game in the sixty-seventh minute. The Humber Hawks had possession of the ball for the majority of the second half, but the UTM Eagles continued to fight hard up until the final whistle blew. Despite their 3-1 loss, it was a good game, and they set the stage for what looks like a promising season.

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