It’s so close to becoming warm outside, when you won’t have to spend a lot of money on a simple date idea, where the alternative doesn’t have to be curled up on the couch watching reruns of Friends episodes. The spring and summer are ideal date seasons, and there are many workout date ideas that’ll charm your lady or man into jumping into your bed with a chiselled core.

There are so many benefits to working out or sharing an evening activity outdoors; you’ll feel revitalized, energetic, and enthusiastic. More importantly, Vitamin D will be attained through sun exposure, increasing your mood, ability, and libido. What are some of the best aspects of a relationship? The closeness, connection, and attraction for someone. Working out outside with your partner will bring a strong foundation to the many important aspects of your relationship. When a couple accomplishes a common goal, like hiking a long trail and looking down from the top of a large waterfall at the end, you’re building a romantic, emotional connection unlike you would sitting in your basement playing COD. I’m assuming most human beings want to feel sexy—after a long day at the beach playing Frisbee or swimming, you’ll feel more tanned, healthier, and happier.

This summer, plan to go on a hike. You’ll have the chance to open up for that special someone, she or he will find it romantic, and you’ll be appreciated. Try to turn your hike into a fun workout too; climb trails that are more challenging or try something risky. Bring a backpack with healthy snacks and water and you’ll have a nutritious meal as well.

Go out and shoot some hoops at the local basketball court. Challenge one another to a fun shooting contest—running around and having some laughs will pump up your endorphins, making you feel happier. Exercising with someone you feel secure with will increase that bond.

Run around and play with the dog. The conversation will be simple while the puppy is running around having the time of its life; you can laugh and converse about what’s happening around you.

Be open to dancing with your date. A lot of cities, especially Toronto in the summer, offer free concerts and festivals, always keeping the action and entertainment alive. You’ll find yourself moving to the beat and burning those calories without being aware of how active you’re being.

Take your beach date to the next level. Instead of sitting back to read a book or listen to your music, set a challenge to accomplish. Walk the entire length of the beach, have a plank or push-up competition, or see who can swim through the waves the quickest. The beach is the best outdoor activity for resistance training. The sand will be harder to maneuver through, and the water is arguably the greatest piece of training equipment you can have for free.

The goal here is to get outside and even if you do already, try to take it to the next level and be conscious of working for a particular muscle group. You can accomplish these tasks on your own or with a friend or family member, but sometimes doing it with a romantic partner makes it that much more fun and interesting—there are so many perks to feeling accomplished and fit next to the person you adore.

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