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The UTM Div 1 women’s team won their game last Monday against U of T Law by forfeit. Law failed to show up to participate in the first round of the playoffs.

The Div 1 women’s team barely get to play any home games, so they were looking forward to showing their talent in front of their home crowd. The Eagles came out ready to play, engaging in shootarounds and laughing among themselves. Parents and students filed in, awaiting Law’s arrival.

The clock showed 8 p.m. and the referees gave the customary 10-minute waiting time for Law to show up. At 8:15 the clock ran out and the referees officially called the game a forfeit. UTM’s coach, Essam Nadeem, shook hands with the referees, and after exchanging some words, the referees took their leave.

Nadeem brought his players together afterwards and gave them a small talk. The Eagles played some five-on-five basketball and were joined by Essence Penaloza of the tri-campus team.

The Eagles move on to the next round of the playoffs. With the rest and extra practice they got this week, they are one step closer to bringing home the trophy.

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