The UTM varsity men’s soccer team played Cambrian College, from Sudbury, Ontario this past Saturday. Both sides were evenly matched, and both were creating dangerous chances for the opposite team. However, it was the Eagles who opened the score board with a goal from Ben Haidara after a well-crossed free kick outside the 18-yard box during the first half. The first half of the game ended with UTM up by one, and the visitors facing a yellow card for excessive complaining and backlash towards the referee.

During the second half, UTM had a more aggressive formation in attack, and after missing a couple of chances inside the box, conceded a goal—scored by Cambrian’s number 19, after a well-managed and quick counter attack. After the goal, the Eagles tried to get back their initial advantage but Cambrian’s defense proved to be too big of a challenge. The end of the match showed a lot of friction and stoppages as both teams tried to win the match.

Even though the Eagles were unable to retain the three points, the team and the coaches feel confident that they can improve considerably for the next game. There are new players that arrived this season who need time to adapt better, and consolidate the base of the team.

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