This past weekend, November 9-10, Sophie Glanz, Kale Heino, and Haseeb Malik from UTM’s cross country team competed at the CCAA Nationals.

Although the weather was cold and snowy, Glanz still managed to place 14th in her 6-kilometer race with a time of 24:55. This was her second appearance at Nationals.

This weekend marked Heino and Malik’s fourth consecutive appearance at Nationals. The two men ran an 8-kilometer race with Heino running a time of 29:49 and Malik running a time of 32:19.

Head coach, Sam Dumcum, had great things to say about his teams performance this past weekend—“the team that went to Nationals is a great crew and genuinely a ton of fun to be around. Their commitment to compete is inspiring. For me, that’s one of the most amazing things about coaching Kale, Haseeb and Sophie.” He continued, “They all have incredibly full schedules, yet made the decision to prioritize training (or recovery) over a million other things. Seeing their dedication pay off as they lined up next to some of the fastest runners in the country was an amazing experience.”

Dumcum continued by stating that the three athletes competed against some of the top cross country athletes in Canada. “The awesome thing is that Sophie, Kale and Haseeb each raced their personal best, for the day. Their grit to compete with sleet in your face and sub zero temperatures was a testament to the type of athletes they are and, as coaches, KC and I are extremely proud of their and the whole team’s accomplishments this year!”

As the cross country team’s season comes to a close, Heino, Malik and Glanz remain among UTM’s top athletes for the 2018-2019 year.

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