Eagles narrowly fall to St. George

In their second game of the season, the UTM Eagles took on St. George Black in tri-campus volleyball last Tuesday at the RAWC. St. George opened the scoring after the initial serve, prompting an answer from UTM that put the Eagles in the lead with two back-to-back spikes. St. George held the lead for the majority of the first set, but the Eagles came back and won the first set of the game by a score of 25-21.

The Eagles took riskier shots when the second set started, but St. George took the lead. UTM started to fall behind, and St. George took advantage to gain a 21-9 lead. The Eagles tried to close the gap but couldn’t and ended the set at 15-24 to tie the game up to that point.

The pressure was on at the start of the third set. With their fans’ support, UTM took a 3-1 lead and increased it through the majority of the set. Spike after spike and mistakes made by St. George allowed the Eagles to keep ahead by three points. But after some rallies back and forth, the teams were tied at 24-24—two points away from a win. UTM tried to take the set, but fell after two consecutive points by St. George, ending the set with a final score of 27-25.

“There are a lot of tough competitors on tri-campus, but we are in it to win it,” said Alex Singh, a second-year CCIT major and member of the Eagles, after the game.

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