Div 2 women’s volleyball sets record after UTSG win

The UTM Division 2 women’s volleyball team faced U of T St. George’s nursing team on Tuesday, October 29.

The first set began with UTSG sending lots of passes over the net, catching UTM players off-guard. Eventually, UTM got a handle on the opposing team’s playing style and forged ahead by getting good serves, hitting well, and being ready for a ball to come over the net at any moment. The first set was held by six players without any substitutions, and ended with UTM scoring a win of 20-9.

The UTM women’s team went into the second set with quick rallies kept short by good hits and net play. Notable performers included third-year setter and floor captain Catherine Zheng and fourth-year setter and floor captain Patricia Zuraw. The second set ended with a win by UTM, 20-7.

The final set was won by UTM as they capitalized on their opponent’s errors, ending with a score of 20-8.

With a three-set win, UTM was guaranteed the first seed for pool A going into the playoffs. After five regular-season games, the UTM women’s team has a record 14 sets won and one set lost, from their October 22 game against the UTSG pharmacy team.

The team now awaits the first-round match-ups between second- and third-seed teams from pools A and B.

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